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Brought to you by Classical Conversations International, Global Homeschool Minute is your thirty-minute flyover to countries worldwide. Episodes feature inspiring stories from leaders, experts, and everyday parents at the forefront of the global homeschool movement, whether in the United States or abroad. Listen now to the most recent episode below!

In just 5 years, Classical Conversations in Brazil has grown to over 6,000 students. You’ll be inspired as you listen to Jennifer Martin’s conversation with Diane Ellis, the Country Coordinator of CC Brazil. In this episode they dive into Brazil’s path to rapid growth, complete with all the joys and challenges of, as Diane puts it, “building an airplane in the air”. Diane shares from the heart encouraging thoughts about planning, hard work, trusting in the Lord, her desires for the homeschooling families of Brazil, and how you can pray for our CC family there. You won’t want to miss this episode!



Meet Your Hosts

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Shelly Stockton

With twenty-five years of homeschooling experience under her belt, Shelly Stockton has loads of wisdom, inspiration, and stories to share about her family’s experience. Mother to five incredible daughters, all of whom graduated from their family home school, Shelly enjoys sharing about their accomplishments—these ladies are business leaders, teachers, world-travelers, and homeschool moms themselves! Joined by her husband, Greg, Shelly delights in spending time with their grandchildren and taking in the beauty of Virginia, where they live.

Shelly has been woven into the fabric of Classical Conversations since 2004. Her depth of insight and understanding of classical, Christian homeschooling make her a natural fit for the role of International Academic Liaison.

Jennifer Martin

Meet Jennifer Martin, the spirited International Sales Manager at Classical Conversations. Jennifer has “graduated” from homeschooling, her four grown children having completed their Classical Conversations education under her wing. Anchoring Jenn’s homeschooling adventures is her husband, Will, who supported Jenn and their children on the journey.

Whether you encounter Jenn in person or meet her online (wearing her signature headset!), you’ll notice she’s quick to foster connections, share her infectious energy, and offer her insights. Her heart for leadership and her dedication to Classical Conversations’ mission, to know God and to make Him known, leaves you wanting to connect. You’ll be convinced of her unforgettable contribution to the realm of classical, Christian homeschooling around the globe.

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Keith Denton

With more than two decades of homeschooling experience under his belt, Keith Denton intentionally orders his life around faith, family, and his role as Vice President of International Business at Classical Conversations.
Keith has served the homeschool community through Classical Conversations since 2007. He contributed to program enrollment, helping Classical Conversations grow to over 125,000 students worldwide and more than 11,000 students in communities outside the United States. CC’s global reach extends to fifty-seven countries, and that number is quickly growing!

Keith and his wife, Julie, guided their three children from their ABCs to university degrees using Classical Conversations. Now Keith relishes the opportunity to attend Global Home Education conferences and is inspired by parents worldwide who are committed to providing the best possible education for their families.

Outside his VP and family roles, Keith leaves time for fun by coaching boys’ and girls’ volleyball and basketball.

New Episodes Monthly

Stow your bag under the seat in front of you, return your chair to the upright position, and securely fasten your seatbelt—Global Homeschool Minute is packed with stories from both near and far! New episodes are released wherever you stream podcasts on the first Monday of every month.