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Brought to you by Classical Conversations International, Global Homeschool Minute is your thirty-minute flyover to countries worldwide. Episodes feature inspiring stories from leaders, experts, and everyday parents at the forefront of the global homeschool movement, whether in the United States or abroad. Listen to the most recent episodes below!

Redeeming Your Own Education

If you’re a Classical Conversations® parent, you have probably discovered that you love learning along with your children. That is exactly what Leigh-Ann Reid shares

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Homeschooling in Venezuela

In this episode, David Araujo, the International Team Leader of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador, is interviewed by Koreen Mazurek, the Country Coordinator of Spanish speaking

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Enriching Your Homeschooling

Have you ever wished someone would come alongside you and show you some ways to make homeschooling more fun? Ways you could intentionally encourage play with a purpose?

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New Episodes Monthly

Stow your bag under the seat in front of you, return your chair to the upright position, and securely fasten your seatbelt—Global Homeschool Minute is packed with stories from both near and far! New episodes are released wherever you stream podcasts on the first Monday of every month.

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