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Daniela and Koreen

Homeschooling In Tribulation

Despite the fact that socialism and communism threaten to interfere with the freedom to homeschool, an increasing number of families across South America are choosing a classical Christian education for their children. In some remote regions, families…

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Emese Tolgyez-Busz

Advocating for Educational Freedom

In this month’s episode of the Global Homeschool Minute Podcast, listeners are treated to a fly-over of Hungary with Emese Tolgyez-Busz, a lawyer, homeschooling parent and advocate with GHEX. Emese’s work involves engaging in outreach efforts aimed at…

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Eugene Huang

Homeschooling: A Rewarding Opportunity for Dads

This month on the Global Homeschool Minute Podcast, Keith Denton takes us on a fly-over of Taiwan with our guest, Eugene Huang, Taiwan Country Coordinator. If you have ever lacked confidence in homeschooling or fear stepping out to try it, you’ll be…

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Kevin Boden

Achievements in Global Home Education

In this month’s Global Homeschool Minute Podcast, host Keith Denton engages in a discussion with Kevin Boden from HSLDA, offering a comprehensive update on the status of homeschooling worldwide. Throughout the conversation, Kevin maintains a…

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Daniela Cordovez and Tania Turner

Christmas Traditions Around the World

As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, join us on this special episode of Global Homeschool Minute. Shelly Stockton and her guests, Daniela Cordovez and Tania Turner, delve into the rich tapestry of Christmas traditions that bring warmth…

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Liz Gitonga Global Homeschool Minute passport

Demystifying Homeschooling in East Africa

This month on the Global Homeschool Minute podcast, we return to Nairobi, Kenya, to meet Liz Gitonga. A pioneer homeschool parent, Liz is now a leader and advocate for home education, sharing with parents, churches, and government leaders the benefits…

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