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Advocating for Educational Freedom

In this month’s episode of the Global Homeschool Minute Podcast, listeners are treated to a fly-over of Hungary with Emese Tolgyez-Busz, a lawyer, homeschooling parent and advocate with GHEX. Emese’s work involves engaging in outreach efforts aimed at promoting home education and advocating for educational freedom in Hungary.

As a parent herself, Emese shares her personal journey of homeschooling her children, highlighting the joy of learning together and the numerous benefits of hands-on educational experiences. Despite the ever-changing and unpredictable legislative landscape, which presents challenges for families interested in homeschooling, Emese remains hopeful and committed to her advocacy efforts.

Through Emese’s story, our listeners will gain insight into both the rewards and obstacles of homeschooling in Hungary, as well as the ongoing fight for educational freedom in the face of legislative uncertainty. Her dedication and resilience serve as an inspiration to homeschooling families everywhere.